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Ricky W.

"I started CrossFit out of shape and overweight. I was nervous about keeping up with the crowd. I have been a member for over a year, and from day one I felt accepted and included."

Teri S.

"After a family health scare, I felt the need to 'get in shape' for the sake of my children. CrossFit was suggested by a friend and I was reluctant to go. The coaches were so welcoming and helpful that a year later, our entire family attends faithfully! CrossFit Raw Steel has changed our health, both physically and mentally."

Tina Q.

"I started CrossFit 5 years ago looking for fitness. What I found was so much more! CrossFit community is family. We care about each other and always encourage each other. When one of our members are struggling we are all struggling. We work together to support kids in need at Christmas and also support our military by sending boxes of goodies. CrossFit Raw Steel is a great place to workout and be a part of a wonderful family. I am 55 years old and continue to do things I would have never thought possible."

Jon S.

"I didn't think I needed CrossFit. I was an athlete in high school and thought my natural ability would get me in the shape I needed to be in. Simply put, I was wrong. The community keeps me going. The workouts challenge me. The results have been incredible. After just two years, nearly 40 pounds of weight loss and I still have goals to achieve. The team at CrossFit Raw Steel challenges me and pushes me to do more than I ever thought that I could."

Jon F.

"A friend and fellow box member invited me to "Bring a Friend WOD" and after reluctantly doing so, I was hooked. That was nearly 3 years ago and I have not regretted one thruster or burpee since. I have lost 25 pounds and feel the best I have felt in 30 years. But the very best thing about CrossFit Raw Steel is our community. From all the members, ownership, and coaches - everyone is so supportive and will help you reach your fitness goals."

Jessica L.

"When I started crossfit, I was simply looking for a way to get back in shape. What I didn't expect was to be surrounded and welcomed by such a wonderful and caring group of coaches and members. After two years here, I'm still drawn back to the gym each day, whether it be for a new, tough workout or just to be with great people."

Michelle G.

"I thought CrossFit was for people who were already fit and active. As someone with over 100lbs to lose, I didn't think CrossFit was for me. Some friends convinced me to give it a try. Everyone has been so welcoming. The coaches have been more than willing to provide feedback during the workouts making sure I have good form so I don't hurt myself. These are not just people I work out with, these people have become friends."

Shannon C.

"I have exercised consistently for all of my life but I have never had so much FUN working out like I have at CrossFit Raw Steel. As soon as I finish a workout I can't wait to come back tomorrow and do it all over again!"

Lisa G.

"As a member of the...ahem..."older group" at CrossFit Raw Steel I can honestly say that walking into that place is the best part of my day! I know I will see my "other" family, get some activity in (sometimes more than others!), and feel better about myself when I leave. There is never any judgement...only encouragement! We laugh together and we cry together...and I can't imagine being anywhere else!"

Tyler M.

"My 1st CrossFit workout was “Fran”. This “21-15-9 for time” was a completely new concept for me and was immediately drawn toward the hybrid-style exercise. The coaches at Raw Steel are great. They help everyone with mechanics to mobility to scaling options. The overall atmosphere is friendly and extremely supportive. I like that the daily workouts are widely varied and thus opportunities for continued growth. I am starting my 4th year now. Such an awesome community of fellow crossfitters and strong bonds at CrossFit Raw Steel! I also met my amazing wife, Emily, here."
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