Couch 2 Crossfit is the optimal way to start your Crossfit journey IF:

You’ve never done crossfit before, you’ve never held a barbell, your definition of cleaning is something on a chore list, you are intimidated by workout equipment, or if you’ve never made working out or nutrition planning part of your daily routine. If any of these statements are true for you, you will benefit from this program!

Next session begins:  March 3, 2020

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Couch 2 Crossfit $149

    • Small class setting for more one on one coaching
    • 10 sessions
    • 3 days per week Tue 7p, Thur 7p, and Sat 11a
    • Generalized nutrition information and encouragement/accountability
    • Lifestyle and Goal Coaching
    • Personal Physical Assessment with scaling and modification options
  • Assist you on integrating into main classes

Just to Sum This Up!

  • No Experience Necessary. Couch 2 CrossFit is geared towards people with little or no exercise experience.
  • We use CrossFit’s Foundational Movements to achieve sustainable and consistent results! We’ll Set You Up For Success!
  • You’ll attend 10 sessions to learn new skills and will leave the gym with exercise and nutrition goals to get you started on your fitness/wellness journey.

What happens if I can’t do something?

All CrossFit movements can be scaled to any fitness level – meaning that no matter what challenges you face, you’ll be able to participate in our workouts. At the end of the day, even if people in the class have different strengths and weaknesses, you will all be working towards one common goal: IMPROVING  physical fitness and health!

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