No! People from all fitness levels can, and do, attend CrossFit. All workouts and movements are 100% scalable to the fitness level you are at. It will actually be more beneficial if you start CrossFit without any knowledge of how to exercise. You get to learn the important fundamentals right off the bat. This will allow you to develop a great foundation.

WOD stands for Workout of the Day and is the workout for that particular day. We post all of our WODs on our Blog.

Yes. Be sure to let your coach know about your injuries but avoiding working out these areas can cause long term issues as these areas do not improve in strength.

Classes are approximately 1 hour. The first 15-20 minutes are dedicated to warm-up time, and mobility work. We then go over the WOD, cover movements and go over scaling options. Finally the group WOD is performed (this lasts between 5-25 min depending on the WOD). The remainder of the time is left for cool-down or skill work. It is an encouraging environment tailored to everyone!

CrossFit is for EVERYONE! We focus on functional movements. These functional movements are essential human movements that we use everyday. Any movement and any workout can be scaled to fit each individual's needs. When you step into the doors of CrossFit Raw Steel you will see a wide variety of athletes...It is a pretty awesome community!

Yes! Please review our Schedule to see which classes offer childcare. We pride ourselves in fostering a family environment. While you are taking some time for yourself you can rest assured that your kiddos are having fun and being well cared for!

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