Learn to CrossFit 

We highly recommend those who have never done CrossFit to go through this course. It will ensure that each athlete has safely gone through the mechanics and has an overall understanding of CrossFit’s foundational movements. This option is actually 4 personal training sessions that you and the coach can together schedule at your convenience. A certified CrossFit coach will analyze and evaluate your range of motion, flexibility and overall capacity to tackle functional movements. This allows room for one-on-one training and Q&A time during each session. Learn to CrossFit will give you tools and knowledge that you will need to be safe and successful in your CrossFit journey. We only ask one thing…that you give us 100% every time you walk in. With commitment, accountability, and hard work you will be able to achieve your fitness goals as part of our CrossFit Raw Steel family! So, let’s do this…3,2,1, GO!

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